Class III NFA Items

Class III items.

  • Suppressors, for both rifles and pistols.
  • SBR ( Short Barreled Rifle, less than 16" barrel )
  • SBS ( Short Barreled Shotgun, less than 18" barrel ) 
  • "Gun Trust"- Legal documentation allowing you to have Class III items without needing Chief Law Enforcement Officer sign off.



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Huntertown Arms Guardian 22

You could spend hundreds more for another .22 suppressor, but ask your self one question - why? Whet..


Huntertown Arms Guardian 9

The Guardian 9 is an addition to our popular Guardian lineup of affordable suppressors. As with the ..


National Firearms Act ( NFA ) Gun Trust from Max Law Orlando

The $250.00 Price Tag is WITH the purchase of a Class III item from The Arms Room, Purchased by..


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